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Post-Baby Waist Training: All You Need to Know

Annabelle Cundangan

Posted on March 08 2016

Looking at your body post-baby can be traumatic for some. Internally, you feel like you’ve survived a train wreck.

Externally, you look like you could use some help. Although motherhood does turn out to be a beautiful thing, not a lot of people get to the point where they tell you how you’ll look once you have your baby.

Once, you’ve delivered, how do you get back into shape? And as a new mother, it is your duty to pay attention to yourself along with your bundle of joy. But where should you start? For that, 1800cinchers is here to help.

Waist Training for the New Moms

As a company that provides the best body shapers for women of all sizes, we know a thing or two when it comes to your post-baby body. Now, let us tell you outright, waist trainers are not about getting you the smallest waist possible. Waist trainers, when wrapped around your midsection, however do act as supportive bands to gradually reduce your natural waist.

How to Use a Waist Trainer

Your waist trainer won’t help budge the fat even one inch if you wear it all day but do nothing to help the process along. Proper diet and exercise go a long way, and by wearing the trainer while you perform a light post-baby workout, you will be able to get the cinched waist at a faster rate. Also, by wearing it during your workout, you are also able to get used to it.

The Science of Waist Training

Your body goes through quite a shock during your pregnancy. Along with the fluid and hormonal shift, your body also deals with water retention. Now, the retention after your pregnancy takes almost six weeks to fade. Waist trainers help by relieving water retention and help shrink the uterus faster. Although the jury is still out on this, the fact that a waist trainer can help in supporting your battle-scarred belly through this time can only add to the benefits of buying a tummy tucker or any other body shapewear for women.

The Bottom Line…

While wearing your waist trainer, adjust your diet and follow a designated workout plan accordingly. And pretty soon, you will have the confidence in your body to even surprise your partner with an exciting night with some sexy lingerie.

Want to know more about waist training? Go ahead and contact us to get the best body shapers to help your get back to your pre-baby body goals.

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