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Mix and Match – Ways to Make Your Mismatched Lingerie Look Sexy

Annabelle Cundangan

Posted on March 02 2016

Because of people’s love for anything that sets them apart from the rest, mismatched lingerie has become a much loved fashion trend.

From big brands like 1800cinchers to the small businesses, all have created lingerie that can not only be worn as a set, but also look good if they are mixed with other styles of lingerie.

But even if you get your lingerie from the best sources possible, how are you supposed to know which mismatched set of lingerie looks good? No worries, 1800cinchers is here to help!

Tips on Getting the Perfect Mismatched Lingerie Set

Pay Attention to Colors and Textures

Even if your lingerie is mismatched, it still needs to look coordinated and sexy. For example, if you choose to wear some sheer black undergarments, pairing them up with some light colors like powder pink will look perfect.

It will also give you a chance to be creative and show your fun side by mixing two colors that complement each another.

Get the Right Size for Your Pieces

Ill-fitted underwear has ruined many romantic moods. This is why it is essential that you have the right fit to best flatter your style. Go and get fitted for the right bra. With regards to your panties, do NOT go for a size too big or too small. They’re uncomfortable, not to mention, they look unappealing!

Play with Themes

You know that old chestnut about apples and oranges? It’s the same with design and themes when it comes to lingerie. When working with mismatched lingerie, you have to stick to a certain set of rules because you watch to mix the designs but not in a way that the coupling of the pieces just looks awkward. When you pair undergarments, go for a certain look or theme to make the ensemble work. For example, if you are going for the nautical spots and stripes theme, opt for a navy blue simple top and a navy and red brief to bring a slight splash of color.

Consider the ‘Sexy’ Styles

Yes, wearing the right pair of undergarments can enhance your confidence. When choosing from the different styles and shapes, try picking some sexier styles for the added oomph. Different bra styles such as the plunge, demi-cup or even the balconette bra can greatly help in giving you a wonderful shape; whereas for the bottoms; matching some shorts or thongs will not let you down if you’re looking to complete the whole sexy look.

Go for Better Brands

Firstly, when choosing sexy lingerie, shop at places where you know you can rely on them to provide the best products. For example, here at 1800cinchers, you can bet that you will get high quality lingerie for just the right price.

Second, when choosing underwear, look at all aspects of the product. Does it have loose elastic? Are there threads hanging out? Does the material settle well on your skin? Ask yourself these questions when you pick a product to make sure that you’re getting the right one.

Stay Neat and Clean

Stains, holes or any dullness of color can mean doom for your mismatched lingerie. You deserve to wear the best, so if your pieces get stained or discolored, the best thing to do isn’t to shove the piece to the back of your underwear drawer. Neat and clean lingerie will help you look your best.

So now that you know the basic tips of matching your lingerie, go ahead and start shopping at one of the best lingerie stores online.

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