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5 Mistakes You Make When Wearing Swimsuits

Candy Lang

Posted on August 29 2016

The sun and surf are beckoning and you can’t wait to wear your old trusted swimsuit and hit the waves. But why is it that when you look at your old collection, something seems amiss; as if a memory of your past beach fun is trying to tell you some very important details.

If you can’t remember it, don’t worry. We list some mistakes many women make when they wear swimsuits.

What NOT to do When Wearing a Swimsuit

1.     Wearing a Complex Swimsuit

Sure, you may be tempted by the gazillion straps that make the bathing suit look like a strange but unique ensemble of art, but perhaps you should leave that suit on the mannequin. Wearing such swimsuits can be annoying since they create a lot of tangles. But more than that, they leave a complete mess of stripy tan lines on your body. And that is not something that you should have to deal with when you want to wear a breezy strapless summer dress.

2.     Wearing a Cover-Up that Doesn’t Cover Up

Now, the cover ups available at BodyFab offer just the right amount of coverage for your beach wear. But there are many ladies out there who have yet to discover that a cover up should not consist of a teeny pair of jeans shorts or a net see-through top.

Not only are such cover-ups practically useless, they also don’t count as covers if you want to go somewhere that requires you to at least wear a tee.

3.     Wearing an Itty-Bitty Bottom for Your Bikini

Consider this a rule of thumb; the bottom part of your bikini bottom should be thicker than the straps that hold it. Barely-there bikinis don’t suit anyone, and although you may feel sexy, understand that regardless of your shape and size, your bikini will basically be making you look like you have an overall wedgie i.e. all of your bikini material is simply disappearing into your skin.

If you have a bigger bottom, opt for a high waisted bikini instead.

4.     Wearing a Too-Tiny Top

Finding a perfectly fitted top can be frustrating, but this does not mean that you should just hoist the girls into a too-small bikini and hope for the best. Aside from looking terrible, wearing a small top can be damaging for the nerves around your breasts. In case you’re not able to find a good large cup bra with a perfectly fitted bottom, try mixing and matching different bikinis until you get a fit that flatters your figure.

5.     Forgetting to Put Sunscreen on the Smaller Spots

Slathering sunscreen all over your body is well and good, but you might need to reconsider putting it on after you’ve worn your bikini. Ignoring the small spots such as the strap areas and surrounding edges can result in small skin burns. Instead, put on sunscreen all over your body before you put on your swimsuit to ensure that all you skin is protected.

These are some of the more common mistakes that many women make when wearing bikinis. So if you’re ready to buy some gorgeous swimsuits, go ahead and look through the styles at BodyFab.

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