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What is a waist cincher

Jules Mac

Posted on September 08 2014

Everywhere we look on the internet there seems to be a new fad called a waist cincher or waist training. Some call it a waist "clincher" or a waist "clencher". Either way we know what you mean.

The truth about waist cinchers:

Waist cinchers were made with the concept of the corset in mind. In old Europe, women and girls wore corsets as part of their undergarment ensemble but mostly as a form fitting tool. With extensive research, what we found was that these corsets changed their body shapes permanently. Although the corset was also later found to not be the safest method to shape one's waist when done to the extreme. 


A better alternative: With modern technology, like everything in our world, came better options. See, we still wanted to shape our waist - new moms and everyone else who wanted a little extra curve still wanted and were using other methods to get their desired shape. Little did we know that other cultures (especially in third world countries) had their own methods of waist training. There are cultures where women assist a new mom, right after child birth, by wrapping her belly tightly with a cloth every day for six months. This is also believed to help drastically reduce belly fat and get that new mom her waist back. 


Here comes modern technology. The birth of waist cinchers. We all don't have friends, or siblings who will help us wrap our belly with a tight cloth to shape us up. However, we have waist cinchers to help us waist train. 

Waist cinchers are all the rave because they give us instant results and truly have helped many women and men achieve a flat belly. But wait! You have to be consistent. This is not for the faint of heart. Waist training is meant to be done everyday or every 2 days, 4-6 hours a day. For faster results, drink lots of water and be selective of your portion size. 


May women have attested to realistic weight loss with waist cinchers, or clinchers or whatever you want to call them.


- Happy waist training!

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