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Waist Training Essentials – Here’s what you should Know (Part II)

Annabelle Cundangan

Posted on April 18 2016

Jumping right in from where we left off, here are some more facts that every person should know about waist training before they try their hand at it.

What You Should Know about Waist Training

1.      Waist Cinchers are Not Girdles

So stop listening to all the nay-sayers! Although the look of a waist cincher or trainer might seem like that of a corset, the modern waist trainers are a lot safer than their Victorian inspiration.

While the previous counterparts were made with steel bars and whalebone, the present-day trainers are made of latex and cloth. And rather than behaving like the rib crunching corsets, waist trainers allow the wearer to smooth down any bumps along the skin, thus giving a smoother look.

2.      Waist Trainers are Not Miracle Workers

You can’t expect to wear a waist trainer and immediately get the figure you’ve always wanted. Wearing a waist trainer is just one part of the deal. You have to maintain your diet and exercise properly without fail so that your waist trainer can give your tummy a structured support.

Remember; waist trainers are not a permanent thing, so you can’t expect your cincher to magically shrink your figure.

3.      You Will Get an Improved Posture

The tight fit of a waist trainer can help give you a good posture while you’re wearing it. While wearing a waist trainer will not give you a six-pack, the structure of the material will make you stand straight, thus keeping your posture rigid, and muscles strong.

4.      New Moms can benefit from Waist Training

Waist training can actually help new moms in getting their once-enviable figure back. Wearing a corset a few hours a day after you’ve given birth can actually keep your stomach intact. As such, new moms can have an easier chance of bouncing back to their own weight than those who don’t wear it. It is recommended that new moms should wear a corset in the first month after giving birth so that their skin can retract back.

5.      Waist Trainers are Safe

Contrary to what you may believe; waist trainers aren’t the dangerous torture device you think they are. The only way a waist trainer or a body slimmer can be dangerous for your health is if you wear one that is not the right size. Any small size undergarment can have adverse effects on the body.

For instance, if you are wearing a small size waist trainer in the hopes that you’ll get a Barbie-Esque figure, then you’ll only be wasting your time. But more than that, you’ll be risking damage on your stomach, intestines and colon.

Waist training is not for the faint-hearted. But if you keep these facts in mind, you can benefit from waist training without causing any problems for yourself, and get your desired figure to boot. So if you want to know more about body shapewear and waist trainers; contact us at 1800cinchers and ask!

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